Cafe Near Me

  Trying to Find a Cafe Near Me

If your partner is asking you for a café near me, don’t worry, we have the perfect answer for Chicago. Add Chapter’s Design Café provides a great selection of American, Turkish, Moroccan, and Thai coffee drinks along with multiple tea choices and plenty of chocolate specialties. Even better, if you’re looking for a lunch or healthy meal Design Café has an assortment of salads from mixed greens to Tabbouleh salads and Fattouch. You can even get a hummus mixed salad as well if you want. There’s something for everyone at our Design Café, especially in terms of eating and making a good meal of a meeting or get together over a cup of coffee. And, if you feel so inclined, we have plenty of art and reading to browse through as well, giving your eyes plenty to look at while you enjoy our delicious food and drinks.


Your Neighborhood Cafe in Chicago


The beauty of the neighborhood café is its people. Anyone can set up a cappuccino machine and coffee pot and call themselves a café. But what makes a really good neighborhood cafe stand out, especially in a town like Chicago, is the neighborhood café feeling. That only comes when the café integrates itself with the community and becomes a regular meeting place to socialize, share ideas, look at art, talk about current events and definitely enjoy a cup of coffee. Add Chapter Design Café has always been intended to be a community cafe. We’re not interested in creating a chain of logo-branded in-and-out coffee counters. We want our customers to stick around, talk, congregate and feel like a central place for the neighborhood. We’re not going to rush you out or give you a number. We’re going to serve you really delicious drinks and food and treat you like family.

Add Chapter Design & Art Cafe

6046 N Avondale Ave. Chicago, IL 60631