Premium Coffee Cafe

Don't Go to Brand Names, Get a Premium Coffee Cafe Experience

Whether it's Turkish beans, American roast or Latin American dark, you’re going to find premium coffee café choices at Add Chapter Design Café in Chicago. This is the place to get a cup of coffee with a kick in it that feel authentic, unique and from another place you want to go visit. Coupled with multiple presentations of modern art as well as visual imagery all over the venue, it’s not a surprise people stay for hours in our Design Café to just soak it all in. Add Chapter Design Café is designed to be a sensory disk for the entire mind, not just the taste buds. So, if it’s your first visit or your 100th time in our Design Café, chances are every time is going to be a bit of a different experience. And, if it so happens you’re an artist yourself, you might want to talk to us about displaying your works. We’re big on art, and big on supporting our community to show the neighborhood what it means to be connected in our premium coffee cafe.

Add Chapter Design & Art Cafe

6046 N Avondale Ave. Chicago, IL 60631